Susan G Komen “Straight Talk” YouTube Video is Just Public Relations Noise

Feb 2, 2012
1:02 pm

When will traditional public relations agencies "get it?" In the case of the controversy between the Susan G Komen For the Cure and Planned Parenthood, a story that has indeed become the topic of much social media reaction, it appears that Komen's strategy to being the "Straight Talk" to YouTube is not going over well. 

Here is the video in question and the official description by the Komen for the Cure organization: 

Susan G. Komen has spent 30 years providing real help to low-income, uninsured and underinsured women, and recent changes to Komen's granting policies only reinforce our commitment. Recent reports about those policies aren't getting it right. See the real story from SGK Founder and CEO Nancy G. Brinker in this "Straight Talk" video.

As of right now, the video is going viral and get over 1,200 dislikes and we have no doubt that the number of dislikes will be growing.

In the meantime, Komen's official Facebook page is getting slammed with comments from users, and Komen is making a HUGE MISTAKE by not replying to them. Instead of just posting a video and walking away from it, those behind Komen's Facebook wall are missing the moment here: the only way to address the controversy and maybe tone it down is to immediately respond and engage people. Instead, Komen is missing the boat and allowing anger and disappointment in their decision become the story here.


In the meantime, while the Komen Facebook page gets trashed and Komen is doing nothing about it, the Planned Parenthood Facebook page keeps growing and more people are talking about them.

The message battle to win the hearts and minds of people is no longer controlled by traditional public relations. Organizations MUST be more authentic, more transparent, and they must respond quicker. Komen's YouTube video reeks of traditional PR, if it were serious about changing their course, they would dive into social media with more transparency and honesty. Instead, they hide behind prepared statements that are vetted and coded in their word choice and are just making people more angry. Start engaging, Komen, one critic at a time. You would be surprised how effective that will be for you.