Even After The Patriots Lose Super Bowl XLVI, Just Take Off Your Shirt and PARRRRTYYYY!

Feb 6, 2012
9:52 pm

The online stories about Super Bowl XLVI are just getting better and better. Sure, you have M.I.A. and Gisele's f-bomb defense of her husband Tom Brady, but now Deadspin is reporting a story out of the losing Patriots camp.

Looks like the Patriots had a pretty raucous postgame party, just hours after losing in the last minute to the Giants. And someone took photos. Oops. But hell, who cares! That is how you handle defeat.

Yup, the guy on the left in the back without the shirt is Patriots tight end Dan Gronkowski.

Here is Gronk dancing with shirtless offensive lineman Matt Light.

Screw it. Tough loss, boys. Just take off your shirts and dance to LMFAO. Wonder if Coach Bill was there.