Dear Sara Bareilles: “Gonna Get Over You” Music Video Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Feb 10, 2012
10:03 am

Here are at Latino Rebels, we love música! All types, from Vallenato, Rap, Boleros, Corridos, Morrissey, Rock en Español etc. We also keep out an open ear for upcoming talent that might be worth sharing.

Unfortunately, this is not one these times. As we began to watch this video by Sara Bareilles called "Gonna Get Over You," we couldn’t help to notice that its set in a Mexican grocery store. So we thought it showed some promise, well that was our mistake. We were hopeful.

We could not put our finger on why it bothered us so much.

Until a comment by one of our fans, Alex Mendoza, owner of  Calaveras y Corazones , made us realize our instant reaction was a correct one.

“Witness as Sara Bareilles (A white woman from Eureka, CA. I checked.) knocks Mexicans down in their own neighborhood and recreates them in her own Fonzie-inspired image. Literally. It's an assimilation fantasy in which she strips various raza of their cultural and individual identities and transforms them into a homogenized (silent) back up choir– present only to provide window dressing for her performance and used to comedic effect."-Alex Mendoza

We could not have said it mejor ourselves! Kudos to Alex Mendoza for speaking out!

Oh, and before we forget,  Sara Bareilles, please try again!