R.I.P. Carlos DeJesus, the Original Host of New York Hot Tracks and a NYC Radio Icon

Feb 14, 2012
10:17 am

Some of the Rebeldes are NYC proud. And we are kids of the 1980s, and if you were growing up in the city during that time, you grew up to New York Hot Tracks, the place where you got to catch the "urban sound" that has now become a huge part of mainstream music (that is another blog post for another day, since we will argue that some of the current sound—Nicki Minaj—is best not recorded).

Nonetheless, Hot Tracks on WABC TV was a show we never missed, and we loved its original host, DJ Carlos DeJesus. The show was Friday Night Videos (in fact, it was produced BEFORE FNV came out), NYC style, and DeJesus was its ambassador, as he would introduce videos from different clubs in the NYC.

Today, we learned on Twitter that DeJesus died. The sources were very reliable ones, even though there is no public news of his death being reported.

Here are just a few of the video segments where you can see DeJesus in his prime interviewing some of music's stars back in the day, as well as some of the videos (RUN!!!) that we used to devour. As well as a great clip from the Funhouse!

Here is a long YouTube piece of a Hot Tracks show (with commercials) that features Whitney Houston and others in the countdown.