The Protest to Restore Latin Jazz and Other Grammy Categories Continues

Feb 14, 2012
12:34 am

We came across a very interesting and well-researched piece about the current protest by musicians against the Recording Academy for its decision to drop 31 categories from its annual list of Grammy Awards. The protest, which has garnered much attention through a Presente.Org petition, really hit home with us when we read the following piece from PolicyMic entitled "This Year's Grammy Awards and Grammy Winners Are Insulting to Whitney Houston and Latin Jazz Musicians." 

The piece's lead said it all for us:

Whitney Houston would not have won four out of her six Grammy awards, under this year's Grammy's restructured categories, which slashed dozens of ethnic music award categories, including Hawaiian, Haitian, Cajun, Latin jazz, contemporary blues, regional Mexican. The categories Best R&B Performance and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, two awards that Houston won, have been eliminated.

The following video, which appears on the same site, but does now have an embed feature (which we would gladly embed here if the feature were added to respect the director's intellectual property since we are a news-gathering service), shows footage of musicians protesting the decision. We did download the video to spread the message of what these musicians are saying since the page that features the video is public. (FYI: we would me more than happy to embed the video from the original source if an option were added to the video.)

The article makes some very salient points about how the current movement by the Recording Academy to place profits over artistic recognition fly in the face of thousands of talented musicians who create for their art. Even with 23,000 signatures by Grammy Watch and Present, it looks like the battle will still be ongoing.

Democracy Now also ran a very lengthy piece about the protest. Interestingly enough, the guests in the segment compared the push to eliminate Latin jazz categories to Arizona, Joe Arpaio, and banning books.

Given the horrible performance from Nicki Minaj, will the Recording Academy actually wake up?