The New York Post Fails (Again) with Jeremy Lin Sports Headline

Feb 15, 2012
10:27 am

The New York Post. We know, it is not the bastion of journalism, but still. Take the case of the Jeremy Lin Phenomenon. The puns on Lin's name (Linsanity, Lintendo, Linning, AllLin., etc) have been played and played and played. Now the Post gives us this today:

Which leads us to think, when will the following headlines show up in the Post?

Victor Cruz TD for NY Giants: ¡SPIC-Tacular!

Mark Sanchez Shines for NY Jets: Chi-CAN-yes or MEX-i-CAN

CC Sabathia Pitches Shutout: Black-out!

The time to STOP labeling Lin is NOW. Let's enjoy his talents and count our blessings that his skills have basically revived a storied franchise and added life back to the Mecca of Basketball. We don't care if he is a damn Martian, JLIN can bring it. How about for the next time: 3-POINT WINNER!!! or 6 IN A ROW!

Catch Lin's winner against the Raptors here.