Tonight on @cnnsitroom: The Exclusive @paulbabeuaz Interview with Transcript

Feb 20, 2012
7:31 pm

Tonight CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer broadcast an exclusive interview with embattled Pinal County Sheriff and GOP Congressional candidate Paul Babeu.

Here are the three video segments from CNN, plus a partial transcript (credit: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer)

WOLF BLITZER, CNN:  So, first of all, what was the nature of your relationship with this individual?

SHERIFF PAUL BABEU, PINAL COUNTY, ARIZONA:    We had seen each other privately and for some time, close to three years, simply in dating.  And he had volunteered separately on my campaign, in an unpaid status, actually was in control of our Web site, which is a volunteer Web site for sheriff from my political campaign and also started a Twitter account and did the social media.

And how this all started, Wolf – and I showed you some documents ahead of time – is back in April and May of last year, that we turned it over, as we were growing our campaign, to a paid professional.  And he turned that – all that over.  And then six, eight months later, he then – because he still had the passwords – took control of that information, started to Tweet.  People talk about somebody who Tweeted and they lied about it later.  This is the truth, that he Tweeted.

He also took property not only of all my photographs of our financial donation site, Pirex (ph), all of that, and started to post very negative things about me posing it was me.

The only communication that my attorney had – because everybody is saying, oh, this deportation.  One, he's legal.  He has said that.  I have said that.  And – and then, in addition, this whole thing about deportation, we all know I don't have deportation authority.  I have the authority to arrest.  There were several crimes committed here against me and my campaign…

BLITZER:  Alleged crimes.

BABEU:  Absolutely.  Well…

BLITZER:  He wasn't convicted of anything?

BABEU:  No.  It – the fact that he has a business and he stole my property and the images purported to be, so, also, identity theft, in addition to that.  All I wanted done is for this to stop.  Give me back my property.  My lawyer sent one letter to him and he replied the very next day, on September 7th of last year, and turned over all the passwords…

BLITZER:  So what happened?

Was this a – a love affair that went wrong or something, that he got angry at you?

Is that…

BABEU:  You know…

BLITZER:  – is that what you're saying?

BABEU:  This – this is the most embarrassing I've – I've never defined myself by other than my service and my duty and what we should all be judged on in life.  And we've all had relationships, as – as is clear as day now.  Now, this is national news, that I have had one, where he wanted to harm me.

And – and now this has rolled out.  And the timing of this is – is more than coincidence, that nationally, that all of this stuff – for years, all the media here in Arizona, all five TV stations, enemies of mine.  People have gone to my chain of command in the military to report that I'm – I'm gay, stuff that is my personal, private business.

And I'm not ashamed of who I am, because I've served my country.  I've answered thousands of emergency calls as a police officer, life saving medals.  I – I served as an army officer in Iraq, commanded 700 soldiers in Yuma.

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