Breitbart TV Releases “Smoking Gun” Obama Harvard Video: Yawn…. ZZZZZ #NoMames

Mar 7, 2012
8:48 pm

After Buzzfeed released an edited video of President Barack Obama speaking at a Breitbart rally for Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell, in essence scooping Breitbart TV from taking the spotlight and premiering it on Hannity tonight, released a teaser of the video they will show tonight on FOX News under the headline: THE VETTING: OBAMA EMBRACES RACIALIST HARVARD PROF.

The Breitbart post says:

The video […] shows a young Barack Obama leading a protest at Harvard Law School on behalf of Prof. Derrick Bell, a radical academic tied to Jeremiah Wright–about whom we will be releasing significant information in the coming hours.

However, the video has been selectively edited–either by the Boston television station or by Buzzfeed itself. Over the course of the day, will be releasing additional footage that has been hidden by Obama's allies in the mainstream media and academia.

Not to spoil's FOX NEWS thunder, here is a brief bio of the "radical" Bell:

Bell was the first tenured African-American professor of Law at Harvard University, and while there established a new course in civil rights law.

Wearing many hats as a teacher, author, scholar and activist, he contributed to the discussions on race like no one before him.

His goal was to examine the racial issues within the context of their economic, social and political dimensions from a legal standpoint.

And the young Obama looks so "dangerous" in the video, we might have to hide our ice cream. In 2008, we went through the whole Jeremiah Wright fiasco and Obama still won. Professor Bell was actually the only African American to serve in the US Justice Department when he was there (1959), after he (gasp) gave up his membership in the NAACP.

In addition, it is obvious that the editors at didn't attend Harvard during the late 80s and 90s. Diversity rallies and protests were in vogue. It was a great place to meet new people and get a date or two. might want to turn in its credibility card as independent journalists, or better yet, go try and catch more US politicians taking photos of their junk and sending them out on Twitter.

But, hey, they are playing to their base. Those uppity Negroes causing havoc in the the socialist campus of elite Harvard. (FYI: Google John Yoo, who was attending the same university around the same time that a young Obama was there.) Give it up, pendejos. We dedicate this one to you.