A Documentary Every American Should Watch: Crucible of Empire, The Spanish-American War

Mar 11, 2012
11:41 am

They say history is bound to repeat if we don't learn from it. Such is the case of the Spanish-American War, a war that few Americans have taken the time to explore. The following documentary sheds some light and we encourage all to catch the whole thing on YouTube when you can.

Credit: http://www.bigredhair.com/boilerplate/span-am.html

From the YouTube channel that describes this opening segment:

Teddy Roosevelt charging up the San Juan Heights, the Rough Riders and the sinking of the battleship, the U.S.S. Maine—these are what people commonly know about the United States' war with Spain in 1898. What they may not remember is that this was the war that steered the United States to center stage as a world power. Victorious over Spain in Cuba and the Philippines, the United States, a nation founded in opposition to imperialism, grappled with its new role as an imperial power. More recent events in Vietnam, Somalia, and Yugoslavia bear striking parallels to those of 1898. Even in its own time, the war with Spain was understood as a turning point in American history.