Is “¡Q’VIVA! The Chosen” a Sign of Better Things to Come for “LATINO” Programming?

Mar 12, 2012
10:25 am

It is what many are talking about, and not because we see JLO and Marc Anthony sharing a show together. It is "¡Q'VIVA! The Chosen" a new American-Idol style show that looks for top talent all over Latin America. The show is now available to US audiences, both on Univision and FOX.

What is the show about? Let them tell you:

¡Q’VIVA! The Chosen goes straight to the core and touches the heart of the people of Latin America, as it discovers its most authentic, genuine and most talented entertainers, and unites them in one amazing show.

Leading the journey to find The Chosen Ones are Creator and Executive Producer Simon Fuller, along with the iconic performers, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and superstar director/choreographer, Jamie King. Between them, they will travel to 21 different Latin American countries and embark on a journey of a lifetime in search of ‘The Chosen’.

This promises to be the most remarkable search and the most extraordinary & authentic Latin American live event in history featuring world-class singers, musicians, dancers, acrobats and other extraordinary performers. ¡Q’VIVA! The Chosen gives the people of Latin America a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase their undiscovered talent, while uniting on one stage, under one banner.

At a time when mainstream networks have been on the Latino Stereotype Bandwagon for years, here's hoping that ¡Q'VIVA! is a start. Sure, it might not be perfect, but it is a start of things to come.