Dear @DailyKos: Puerto Rico IS a Country—A Colonial Country, Too

Mar 15, 2012
6:57 pm

The ignorance about Puerto Rico knows no political ideology in the United States. We have already written a few posts about Ricky Sancocho's (sorry, Rick Santorum's) pandering visit to Puerto Rico this week, but now we see this headline from the Daily Kos, which is on the other side of the political spectrum when compared to SANTO-Rum (sorry, Santorum). Here is the headline the Kos wrote today:

We really don't want to share the history of a proud country that has been a colony of Spain for over 400 years and a colony of the United States since 1898. The fact is that Puerto Ricans feel a deep national pride for their country, and it is incredibly clear to us that you are at fault as well for your ignorance about Puerto Rico. Do you even have a clue about the contributions Puerto Ricans have made to this world  or the storied history of a people that has been trying to resolve its paradoxical political identity for centuries?

Here is the advice we would like to give you: leave the people who actually KNOW about Puerto Rico to write about Puerto Rico. Santorum clearly failed in his two-day visit to Puerto Rico, but your headlines don't help. You are just as fault, too. Want to start with a crash course in Puerto Rican history? Start with this video down below. See a little bit about the struggle of a nation as it fights against a colonizer. Come on, Kos, do your homework. If you want to crap on Santorum, go for it, but don't show your lack of knowledge about Puerto Rico at the same time.

Start educating your readers when you have the chance to do it. You might actually learn something, too.

You can do better.