Obama 2012 Premieres 17-Minute Campaign Commercial: And Now The Fun Begins

Mar 15, 2012
10:27 pm

Now it is safe to say that if a campaign releases a 17-minute campaign commercial (the campaign might call it a documentary, we will call it a campaign commercial), people are going to talk. In the age of YouTube and viral videos, it makes complete sense that Obama 2012 would produce a piece about President Obama and have documentarian Davis Guggenheim (Inconvenient Truth) create the film and Tom Hanks be the narrator.

If you are a campaign, you want to make your best case for why people should vote for you. The case has been made by Obama 2012, and even though they might have missed a few things (for example, comprehensive immigration reform, anyone?), they state their case, as would anyone who is running for office. So here it is, The Road We've Traveled.

The reaction has been partisan to say the least. Of course, the left will celebrate this and the right will vilify it. No surprise there, but we were interested to see CNN's Piers Morgan getting all tough on Guggenheim. Here is the clip. Morgan is pretty tough and Guggenheim stumbles a bit, but in the end, he says the following:

"Some people who believe that this is one of the most important choices we’re going to make in our country, is who’s going to be our next president," says the Academy Award-winning director. "Some people knock on doors. Some people write checks. I gave 4 months of my life because I believe that this is what the best thing I can do for my children and my country is to get this guy reelected."

As for the Republicans, of course they are all going to get all partisan and just mock President Obama. Here is a report from today and the spoof poster created by the Republican National Committee. (By the way, dear RNC, get better comedy writers. We don't get the poster. Really trying hard to be funny with it, and you had a chance to be more satirical, but in the end, this wasn't funny.)