“No Justice No Peace:” Boston Murder Verdict Rocks the City

Mar 23, 2012
9:15 am

Yesterday in Boston, a verdict of not guilty in the murders of four people, including that of a 2-year-old son, sent shock waves throughout the city. This video from Boston.com and Boston Globe reporter Maria Cramer will give you the background.

The murders happened in Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood in September, 2010 and the community is struggling to understand what happened.

Screen grab of Boston.com story (credit: Boston.com)

Here are some quotes from a Globe article today:

But as the verdicts were being read Thursday, Ebony Flonory, the sister of the slain Eyanna Flonory, began screaming, cursing at the outcome. She lunged at the defendants’ table and had to be restrained by court officers who dragged her out.

Several minutes later, a stream of family members came out of the courthouse. Filled with shock and unresolved grief, some marched to the State House and demanded to see the governor Outside the courthouse, relatives huddled on the steps, some sobbing and consoling one another.

“You put a murderer back on the streets, other people can be become murderers, you understand what I’m saying?’’ [Inez] Smith said. “What are we going to do? We are going to pray, we’re going to church.’’

Avis Springette, the 2-year-old victim’s aunt, said “We have to swallow this pill. It doesn’t matter how much water we drink, we can never swallow that pill.’’ Springette said she lost faith Thursday in the judicial system.

“They have made a big mistake, because these two guys that are walking, they are going to do it again to somebody else’s family in a matter of time,’’ she said.

Ebony was walking with her mother and said there was “no justice.’’

“My sister and nephew did not get justice,’’ she said.

The defendants “are free and they can breathe. I’ll never see my sister again, I’ll never call my sister again.’’