Twitter Account of @SpikeLee RT’s Zimmerman’s Home Address… Twice

Mar 24, 2012
11:55 pm

We know people are angry and people are emotional, and Twitter is literally going frenetic the last few days when it comes to the tragic events of February 26, when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.

Take the case of @MACCAPONE, who on March 23, started tweeting (most Twitterati would say "spamming") an address for Zimmerman to as many high-profile accounts. @MACCAPONE tweeted the same tweet over and over again to different people and did it about 80 times in a very short time period.

@MACCAPONE's tweet got the attention of Spike Lee's Twitter account, which RT'd the original tweet, sending it out to Lee's more than 245,000 followers.

Not only did Lee RT it once, he did it again.

Now, we have written a lot about the Trayvon case and we have expressed our outrage and we have also tried to do our homework and read actual first-hand information about the vase. But this Twitter fiasco is just wrong. We know that people are pissed, but someone like Lee HAS to realize that RTing Zimmerman's address will indeed reach people. You don't think so? Just check out how many people saw Lee's last 50 tweets.

Which then leads to tweets like these:

Which reaches other people and pisses more people off, and then the cycle of hate continues.

You can fight the power, Spike, just don't get caught up on Twitter and let your emotions get the best of you. Focus on Trayvon's loss, not a vigilante quest for Zimmerman. In the end, you think just like Zimmerman, and we know that is not something you would like to be.