In a Post-Racial Society That Doesn’t Exist, Conservative “Truth Seekers” Politicize a National Tragedy

Mar 25, 2012
1:40 pm

This started innocently enough when we were checking our referring links that were embedding our stories. One website called, had linked the piece we ran about the City of Sanford providing official responses to some key questions about the Trayvon Martin tragedy. When we clicked on that referring site, we got this:

And it was clear to us that yes, America, this whole notion of a post-racial society is, as our abuela would say. a big pile of mierda. After what is becoming one of the most shared and talked about stories of 2012 that has been generated from social media (can you imagine if we had the Internet during the Rodney King beatings or the OJ Simpson trial?), the counter arguments from the so-called "truth seekers" (you know, the ones who set us all up with "shocking" video from President Obama's college days and pray to the altar of Breitbart but couldn't hold a candle to what real and honest independent journalists actually do) are starting to surface. Bring out the old Willie Horton ads from 1988 and ask Lee Atwater to reappear on this earth: it's time to divide, conquer, distract, and blame the liberal media for "race baiting."

First off, the President's comments about Martin and the Martin family.

We already covered this here but we will say it again: the President spoke as a parent and actually tried to unite this country with his comments. Yet we get Newt Gingrich twisting the President's intent (and Michelle Bachmann now defending Newt) so that he can please his base instead of being courageous and standing with millions of Americans from all different political stripes, Rick Santorum contradicting himself and Mitt Romney issuing a corporate memo. Do these guys even try to express things with compassion or is everything handled by people who are afraid of rocking the GOP base, the same voetrs who are behind all the latest "shocking" photos of Martin, like the following two images (one of which aren't even him, but you know, how much all "those black thugs" look the same)?

 This is the picture these lovely profiles are referring to:

Problem is, those pictures are not verified as Trayvon, but why not? Just show doctored up photos to feed people's racism and notion of notoious and dangerous black boys. We, however, would rather provide people with a more recent picture of the real Trayvon here:

But the point is, does it even matter? Do your conspiracy theories and beliefs of "real journalism" prove anything? Who is really the race baiter now? Also, as for the following image, we take your middle fingers from a 17-year-old kid who like to flip the bird (call the ARMY! we have a gansta now!) and raise you other images that follow:

Because nothing says "thug" like a person flipping the bird. Just ask Mr. Rogers:

Or Johnny Cash:

And of course, the "truth seekers" ask, what about all the other hate crimes that no one is talking about, like this one from Kansas City?

That crime IS HORRIFIC and it is a hate crime, but the difference there is that Kansas City Police are actually following up on charges against the boys, but in the case of George Zimmerman, HE IS STILL FREE. You see what is going on here? Horrific racial crimes happen in this country, and the vast majority of them actually get solved. In the meantime, when something is seen as unjust (like the death of Martin), we now have the technological tools to bring that injustice to light in a quicker and more efficient way.

Racism is still alive and thriving in America, and those who are afraid of how this country is changing are clinging to a past that quite frankly will never come back, because the new America won't allow it and now they have Twitter and Facebook to back it up. We need to keep talking about this, and find real solutions, instead of defensive postures and claims that this is all some part of a big Barack Obama communist, neo-socialist, Islamic, diversity propaganda machine. 

Never lose focus on this case, people: a teenage boy who was unarmed was shot and killed by a self-proclaimed vigilante community watchman who was specifically told by a 911 dispatcher to not pursue the unarmed boy. A confrontation happened and there are varying accounts, but in the end, George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman is a light-skinned Latino (and Latinos have their issues too about racism, but that is another post) who was "suspicious" of young black men. He singled out Trayvon Martin because he already had a perception in his mind, which he shared on several 911 calls. Zimmerman is still free from custody, and now some so-called Americans are using race baiting and stereotypes of ganstas to place false blame on a dead boy instead of focusing on what Zimmerman did.

UPDATE, MARCH 26, 2012: Those "shocking" pictures that circulated around the Internet. As suspected, they aren't Trayvon.