Columbia Journalism Review Takes Business Insider to Task About Trayvon “Photos” From Nazi Site

Mar 26, 2012
10:56 pm

So as to not piss off the "truth seekers" who sent the "other" photos of what could or could have not been Trayvon Martin all over the Internet in an attempt to provide "truth" and criticize the "race baiting" going on in this case (and how many more quotation marks can we use in an opening lead?), we will let the online page of the Columbia Journalism Review explain how it called out Business Insider for not sourcing the image from Stormfront, an neonazi organization that we think might not be too keen on the whole racial thing.

These are the images CJR was referring to:


Well it appears that CJR did a little homework (as real journalists tend to do) and sourced these images to Stormfront and how Business Insider kept correcting and editing and correcting again, but in the end, according to CJR, Business Insider had to post this:


Because in the end, some of those pictures are not Trayvon.

So to all the "truth seekers" who were adamant about these "shocking" images, oops. Why don't use a real picture of Trayvon and accept the fact that the twisting of truth will catch up to you? And in the meantime, taking a photo from his Twitter account and saying he looks like a thug is awful. We see a growing teenage boy dealing with divorce and trying to find his place in the world. Here, we have a picture for you here that you can use, and in the meantime, focus on the facts of the case and stop perpetuating more racism.