More Details About 13-Year-Old Witness to Trayvon Martin Case Emerge

Mar 29, 2012
11:08 am

Before we begin this post, remember: if the Sanford Police had actually done its job correctly on February 26, social media would not have been buzzing about the death of Trayvon Martin and the mainstream media would not be talking with witnesses to the case, police leaks would not have occurred, and we would not be trying this tragedy on the public Internet. But the fact remains: we ARE now doing this because there are serious issues with how the Sanford Police handled this case from the beginning. Social media has made this story a PUBLIC story now, whether you agree with that or not.

Now in the new age of social media and digital sharing, all bets are off. The latest details come from Cheryl Brown, whose 13-year-old son Austin is a witness to the shooting. Brown appeared on MSNBC last night her lawyer and she offered the following details:

  • The Sanford Police did not talk to her son until March 5.
  • One of the detectives who talked with Brown was Detective Chris Serino, the same one who offered an affidavit that a manslaughter charge should have been made the night of February 26.
  • Brown said that Serino told her that this incident was not self-defense and that he and the other officer had to prove it.
  • Brown also said that Serino told her to "read between the lines" because there was some "stereotyping" or "racial profiling." She also said that Serino told her that Zimmerman shot Trayvon because he was black.
  • Initially, Serino did not want to involve Austin but Sirino felt that Austin needed to get interviewed at this point of the case.