When Journalists (Or News Entertainers) Crap On Each Other: Morgan/Touré Debate Overshadows Martin Tragedy

Mar 31, 2012
7:54 pm

Piers Morgan's interview with George Zimmerman's brother, Robert Zimmerman, Jr., which appears below, has led to an journalist ego fight between Morgan and MSNBC's Touré. Our take? Enough of journalists interviewing other journalists and sniping at each other. News has really become entertainment.

And dear Piers, having the Zimmerman Publicity Train on your show does lead to some questions about credibility. You kind of handled it kind with a softballs (no pun intended). Let's focus on the tragedy and leave your egos at the door. But even though Touré got quite patronizing and unprofessional at times, he was right. Morgan's interview was a fluff piece. He just let Zimmerman's brother ramble and ramble, and really never challenged him consistently. In the end, Zimmernan's brother said something quite telling: the entire reason why George Zimmerman was not arrested is all based on his own story and word.

The full snipefest is seen here.