The Fray’s National Anthem Rendition Reminds Us of 1968

Apr 4, 2012
9:04 am

Let's just be honest here: The Fray's rendition of the national anthem at Monday's NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game sucked.

And it looks like many others in the US agree. For a second, we thought that The Fray would not be called out on their version, which still pains us every time we hear it.


As we struggled during that rendition, our minds instantly turned to 1968, when Puerto Rican singer José Feliciano was roundly criticized (and unjustly, in our opinion) for his version of the anthem during the World Series. It took years for Feliciano to recover from the backlash he got, yet we think his version was way cooler than The Frays.

Here is the full version. Compare it to The Fray's. Feliciano's version kicked culo, but in the end, his artistic choice had consequences.

As for us? Hey, the following is the BEST rendition we have ever heard. Hire this kid (yeah, we know, it's our boss' brother, but damn, this kid can sing!)