VIDEO from Ozzie Guillen Protest in Miami

Apr 11, 2012
8:02 am

The Miami New Times ran a video interview of Tuesday's protest in Miami, where about 150 people gathered in front of the Marlins's new stadium, after Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen apologized in both English and Spanish for his comments regarding Fidel Castro. Guillen was suspended five games for his comments.

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According to the New Times, the protest was organized by Vigilia Mambisa, a group that describes itself as "a hard-line, right wing, Anti-Castro, Anti-Communist group of dedicated Cuban-American demonstrators headed by Miguel Saavedra."

Here is the video from the New Times:

The New Times also reported the following:

"We never can forgive what he said," Blanco Garcia said.

In all, around 150 protesters gathered outside the stadium to wave American and Cuban flags and signs.

Garcia, who hosts an online radio show, says she doubts Cuban fans will ever return to the taxpayer-funded ballpark in Little Havana while Guillen is filling out the lineup cards.

"Now he says he's sorry, but it's not true," she says. "He's just afraid he'll lose money."

The New Times also reported that a small plane displaying a sign that says "Joe Martínez apoya con la comunidad" ("Joe Martínez Stands with the Community") flew around the stadium during the protest. Martínez is a candidate for Miami-Dade mayor.