Allen West Calls Out His Inner Joe McCarthy: And Gets Head Nods From Constituents

Apr 12, 2012
9:02 am

Yes, Congressman Allen West is controversial, to say the least. And some people are saying that he would make a great VP candidate for Mitt Romney.

This week, West brought us all back to the 1950s, during the Red Scare of Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy. Here is the video clip, where he claims that "78 to 81 members" of the Democrat Part are card-carrying members of the Communist Party.

West was serious, but what is even more amazing is the reaction from the people in the audience? WOW, they say. WOW. This is just so un-American! Traitors! Commies!

We are starting to think that the fear-mongering by extreme members of the GOP is just a tactic to justify the fears of part of its base. And let the black man make the statement so that this extreme base can claim they are all for racial equality. Fact is, Rep. West is just tossing accusations to feed into the myth that America is becoming Russia. Memo to West and others: the Cold War is over. We got bigger problems to deal with, but hey, if you have to believe that there are (gasp) COMMUNISTS in the world to make you a real American, go for it. As for us? Where is the proof, Rep. West? Make accusations like that for headlines, and then you wuss out and don't prove your accusation? That, Rep. West, is weak.

By the way, when pushed for proof, West said that he couldn't actually back up his claim.

Ok, time to end this piece. We have to go back to the collective. Yes, that was sarcasm. Celebrate freedom, Rep. West, not some myth that the United States is a communist country. Did you check in with Ozzie Guillen's critics this week? Is that why you did it?