Leaked Video from Gawker Shows That Mitt Romney is the New John Kerry: See You at the Club, Muffy

Apr 13, 2012
10:04 am

Oops. In a 24/7 social media world where cameras are everywhere, you just gotta watch out for leaked videos, and Gawker this week published a leaked video that shows Mitt Romney doing the elitist chat with FOX's Sean Hannity. The fired FOX employee is now a member of Gawker.

Mitt Romney is now the new John Kerry after this one. No wonder FOX News is going after Gawker. See you at the equestrian club!

As for Romney, dude, we know you are running for president, but come on, you can't call the President an elitist and then be caught talking about horse breeds. It's cool, just don't play the man of the people angle. Say what you are: a really wealthy guy that thinks he can help the country, no matter how truly out of touch you are with most of America.