Montreal Protests Turn Violent: Police Tear Gas Protesters and Arrest 17

Apr 21, 2012
10:54 am

Yesterday in Montreal, student-led protests against Quebec's increases in tuition turned violent, as police used tear gas and concussion grenades against protesters, and also arrested 17 people. This is what CBC Canada is reporting:

Riot police used tear gas and concussion grenades on hundreds of students protesting outside Montreal's Palais des congrès Friday, where Premier Jean Charest was speaking at a symposium on northern development.

The mayhem reached deep inside the convention centre, where Charest's keynote speech was delayed after a group of protesters gained access to the building and confronted police guarding the meetings.

Two police officers and at least two protesters were injured in the standoff, and 17 people were arrested.

Friday's action is the latest in Quebec's escalating student movement against planned tuition-fee increases.

Charest admonished the students and said the social disruption is "unacceptable."


Here is a video from Montreal that is going viral on YouTube:

The CBC report also included the following:

But many students say the tuition protest is about more than the cost of university education. "It's not just the tuition increase," said Alexis Remartini, 18, who who took a 60-kilometre bus trip from St-Hyacinthe to attend the Montreal protest. "The movement has grown to include other things we don't agree with."

University professor Guy Dufresne said he was manhandled by riot police. A CBC camera crew shot footage of Dufresne pushed against a car, rubbing his arm in pain. "It's disgusting. Shame on the police," he said.