RNC Chairman Ignores Immigration Question and Says GOP’s Latino “Messengers” Are Better

Apr 22, 2012
5:33 pm

Today, Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee who is now making the media appearances to claim that the GOP is more Latino-friendly, appeared on Al Punto today with Jorge Ramos. Granted, when your candidate is 42 percentage points behind President Obama in current polls, you got to start taking questions from Ramos. 

Ramos asked Priebus a very simple question. And Priebus, in a classic "deflect from the issue" tactic, ignored Ramos' question and said that the GOP has better "messengers" for US Latino voters than the Democrats. Rubio, Sandoval, Martínez and Fortuño, ¡the Four Vendidos! What planet is Priebus on these days? Does he really think US Latino voters are idiots? Next time, answer the question and try to state the best case as to why an extreme part of your party continues to spew the anti-immigration rhetoric. How about having some political cojones to start acknowledging the fact that such an attittude is the real reason why the GOP is losing the US Latino vote big time. But maybe that truth is something Priebus doesn't want to admit.

Here is the clip with Priebus and Ramos.