Students Walk Out on Dan Savage’s Anti-Bullying Speech After Comments of “Bullshit” in Bible

Apr 30, 2012
10:35 am

This weekend, LGBT leader and activist Dan Savage, who created the It Gets Better Project, was the keynote speaker at the "Journalism on the Edge" high school  convention in Seattle. The topic was anti-bullying and Savage (as the video shows) was explaining how hypocritical we are as a society when we use the Bible to condemn a gay lifestyle, but tend to forget that the Bible also promoted slavery and also other beliefs that deny rights to humans.

After Savage said, "We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people," several Christian students began to walk out from the speech. While the students left (and some appear to be crying in the following YouTube video) Savage followed up by saying, "It's funny, as someone who's on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible, how pansy-assed some people react when you push back."

A gay conservative group went on record with FOX News to demand that Savage apologize:

Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud, called those statements “outrageous” and demanded an apology.

“Dan Savage should apologize for his comments and should apologize to the high school students in attendance whom he called ‘pansy-asses,’” continued LaSalvia. “It is ironic that someone whose claim to fame is fighting bullying would resort to bullying tactics in attacking high school students who were offended by his outrageous remarks.” LaSalvia said people of faith should be treated with respect. “Dan Savage’s outrageous anti-Christian tirade hurts – not helps – the fight for gay rights in this country,” LaSalvia said in a statement. “There is nothing incompatible between being a Christian and believing that all people should be treated equally, and Dan Savage’s attacks on Christianity only fuel those on the extremist fringe who oppose gay rights.”