Five Things Albert Pujols Can Do Right Now So He Can Hit a Home Run

May 2, 2012
6:49 pm

What is going on with Albert Pujols? In 24 games, the Los Angeles Angel slugger has the following stat line: .208 BA, 5 RBI and 0 HR. This is a guy who averages around 37 HRs and 111 RBI a year. What is going on, Albert? Come on. Time to think differently and get out of your slump.


Tonight at 7:05 PST, the Angels play the Twins, and in the interest of helping Pujols were giving him 5 things he can do right now to get out of his slump.

Follow the Advice of Pedro Cerrano


Eat 4 Choco Tacos Before the Game

Spit a Lot Like This Lady

Jump in a Mosh Pit

Just Get a Shrink (This Guy Is So Exciting)