RIP, Adam Yauch: We Will Miss You, MCA, and We Thank You So Much For The Music and The Beats

May 4, 2012
1:53 pm

Today, Adam Yauch, co-founder of The Beastie Boys and known by millions as MCA, died at the age of 48. MCA had been battling cancer and we had all hope that he was one the path to recovery, but we guess that is was not meant to be.

MCA was special. The Beasties had been around the New York scene since 1978, starting as a hardcore band but then moved into hip hop in the early 80s. True New York hip hop fans will never forget Cooky Puss in 1983 and as the trio got more and more NYC street cred, they hit the mainstream with License to Ill in 1986. The Beasties soon moved away from being just another "white hop hop band" and have clearly become of the the genre's most successful acts ever.

Here are our five favorite Beastie Boy songs. What are yours?

Cooky Puss: 1983

Make Some Noise: 2011

Sure Shot, Freestyle on MTV: 1994

Sabotage: 1994

So, Watcha Want: 1992