One Year Later, Goes Global with over 415K Pageviews and 230K Uniques

May 5, 2012
8:19 am

One year ago today, we formed and our mission was clear: 

The Latino Rebels are a group of committed Latino activists, authors, bloggers, comedians, artists, filmmakers, and social media influentials who use satire, comedy, analysis, video interviews, writings, films, and just plain trouble-making to educate people about the life of the US Latino in the 21st century. Through our content, we will expose those so-called patriots who are quick to use ignorance and hate to spread lies about Latinos living in the United States. We will kill stereotypes with humor, insight, compassion and maybe a loud GRITO DE QUESO. We welcome all input, from the good and the bad. But remember, once you are with the Latino Rebels, the ride will be a bumpy one. ¡ORALE! ¡WEPA! ¡COÑO!

It looks like our message has gotten attention, as our latest Google Analytics show. As of this morning, this page has gotten over 417,000 pageviews, 230,000 unique visitors, and over 292,000 visits. We have gone from a page that got just a handful of visits in its first month to a monthly average that puts us around 75,000 hits per month now. We are on pace to achieve over 900,000 pageviews and 500,000 uniques in 2012 alone. Yes, 1 million pageviews are within our reach.

Alexa, just one of the web's many ranking tools, but one that is used by many companies and brands, currently ranks us today as 169,350 in the world and 35,903 in the United States. Considering the millions and millions of web pages out there, we will take it. And to all who took the time to visit our page this year, ¡GRACIAS!