Want a Third Candidate in the 2012 Election? Buddy Roemer Asks All To Go to Americans Elect Now

May 10, 2012
2:56 pm

If you believe in more independent voices in politics, if you believe that this country can benefit from having other major parties in presidential elections that are not neither Republican nor Democratic, then the time to just make Gov. Buddy Roemer the candidate for Americans Elect, a non-partisan political organization that is trying to bring more voices to national elections.

The bottom of this page has an email from Gov. Roemer. It takes just a few minutes to register at Americans Elect and just because you nominate Gov. Roemer now, does not mean that you are voting for him in November.

Currently, Gov. Roemer is leading all DECLARED CANDIDATES in Americans Elect with 5,105 votes. He needs 10,000 to become the candidate for Americans Elect. The deadline for this final decision is Monday May 14. If you think both major parties have become big money machines and have lost their independent streak, take a moment and vote for Gov. Roemer as the primary candidate for Americans Elect. By the way, Gov. Roemer is currently polling 7% nationally.

Like Americans Elect says, "Pick a President, not a party." Change in the current American political system can indeed happen, but you need to take the time to act now. 

Please consider it?



It has come down to the wire. Americans Elect will not have a candidate and my campaign could be over if I do not get the 10,000 votes in 4 days (Deadline May 14th).
I need your help like I’ve never needed it before.I rarely ask for money, because what we need is help to spread my message  This is how you can help.
Please forward this e-mail to everyone you know. Remind them that supporting me on Americans Elect does not mean they have to vote for me in the election in November. Their vote on Americans Elect is simply giving me a voice. We should have a voice on the national stage that talks about ending the corruption and partisanship that plagues our nation. We need someone who is Free to Lead on that stage.https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif
If you are having problems joining Americans Elect please send Josh an e-mail at joshua.chavers@buddyroemer.com with your contact information.  We will be working with Americans Elect to get every one registered and verified.
Together we can make this happen.

Buddy Roemer