Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu Quits Congressional Race to Run for Re-Election as Sheriff

May 11, 2012
9:02 am

In a letter to supporters published today on his web site, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, a controversial face of immigration enforcement  who experienced a scandal earlier this year where he allegedly threatened his undocumented Mexican ex-lover with deportation, announced that he was quitting his campaign for Arizona's 4th Congressional district in the US House of Representatives and instead running for re-election as sheriff of his county.

Earlier this year, Sheriff Babeu faced allegations that he threatened his undocumented Mexican ex-lover with deportation.

This is what he wrote in a letter entitled "Seeking re-election as Pinal County Sheriff:"

First, let me say how much your friendship and support means to me. When I announced my candidacy for Congress, I promised the citizens of Pinal County that I would ensure continuity of leadership in the Sheriff’s Office. Chief Deputy Steve Henry’s candidacy not only ensured continuity of leadership, it also safeguarded the improved service we’ve delivered to Pinal families with the same passion and commitment since taking office. 

The federal Office of Special Counsel has advised Chief Henry that because our office receives federal funds and Steve supervises those who are in control of federal funds, he is not able to run for Sheriff while serving as our Chief Deputy.

Chief Henry was left three choices, resign his position as Chief Deputy and run for Sheriff, withdraw his candidacy for Sheriff or transfer to a non-leadership position within our office where he would not supervise anybody who handles any federal funding. Forget the politics, none of these options are good to maintain continued success of our Sheriff’s Office. I have decided to end our congressional campaign and seek re-election as Pinal County Sheriff. Yesterday, I informed my campaign staff and our finance team of my decision to run for re-election.