In Online Poll on RNC’s Latino Site, Most Users Like What President Obama is Doing

Jun 14, 2012
9:26 pm

Today, the page, the Republican National Committee's official web page directed to Latino voters, included an online poll in Spanish that asked users if they were disappointed with President Obama. Earlier today, the results showed that out of about 800 votes, 58% of the users said that they were not disappointed with the President, while 42% of users were disappointed. Here is a screen grab of the poll taken this evening around 8 pm EST:

Within the hour, entering led users to a Spanish site asking for donations to the RNC. Once you click on on this page, you are taken to an Ning site in English (no longer in Spanish) that shows similar content in English and a new poll in English, with 61% of users saying they were disappointed with the President and 39% were not disappointed. Here is the screen grab:

Who knows what is going on at the RNC, but you would think they would like to avoid an online poll widget that is more common on Facebook pages and other social media sites. The Internet is forever, and the RNC should know this by now. Get rid of your Facebook polls and try to run a tighter ship.

UPDATE, June 15, 10:30 AM EST: The entire Ning site is no longer active and has been taken down by the RNC.