Wait a Minute, We Thought Gov. Jan Brewer Declared Victory Today

Jun 25, 2012
7:32 pm

Just hours after saying that the Supreme Court decision on Arizona's controversial SB1070 law was a victory for Arizona (even though 3 of the law's 4 provisions were struck down and the "check your papers" provision was still open to future legal challenge), the official Twitter campaign profile of Gov. Brewer tweeted this out tonight:

Ah, yes, you declare a false victory this morning (the last provision will clearly be challenged) but then decide to feature a (gasp!) Black Man looking ominous to raise money for your PAC. Fear and hate live on in Arizona. In fact, they have never left.

This is not how you make the country better. This just makes the nativists gets hot and horny to round up more of those "damn illegals." Last time we checked, the Supreme Court agreed that the federal government handles immigration. But hey, the more things change, the more fear will try to win out. In the end, fear will lose. It might take a while, but fear always loses.