Dear Emilio Estefan: How LAME Are You? Muy LAME #NoMames With Your Emilio Estefan Picks

Jun 29, 2012
3:16 pm

Ok, we have to give Laura Martínez all the credit on this one. Here is the scoop: Emilio Estefan is now working with Target to promote his Emilio Estefan picks. You know, "Latino" products that have been curated and approved by Emilio Estefan. Like the following product:

Granted, Estefan is trying to plug the Latin Grammys at Target, but really? Just your own music and products? Do you also have to "curate" your own book and make it a Target pick? Also, how many of those CDs are your company's own music? How lame is that? Where is the humility? You have become the Cuban Donald Trump (and psst… that ain't a complement).

Dear Emilio: #NoMames. While you are at it, ask Target to get rid of your book display, add some non-Emilio CDs, and don't make it all about you?