Miami’s Los Pichy Boys Come Back Strong with “GPS Latino” Video Skit

Aug 16, 2012
8:13 am

When we came across Miami's "Los Pichy Boys" in January, it was all about the Asiri, the Latino Siri for iPhone4. That skit was witty, clever, edgy, and different.

The last few months, Los Pichy Boys have had pockets of success with some skits, although we kind of tuned them out when they started to get all Latino zombie on us. But the Boys went back to their roots with the following skit, the GPS Latino. More of this, Pichy Boys, and less Latino zombies. But what do we know, Los Pichy Boys have gotten over 17 million YouTube views on the launch of their channel. When you have a good concept, use that. Now where is the Latino cable TV skit?