Todd Akin’s GMA Interview and Tweets Confirm That He Is Now Officially a National Joke

Aug 22, 2012
8:27 am

This morning, Missouri congressman Todd Akin (R) started making the talk show circuits, even after pretty much almost everyone (from all sides of the aisle) said that Akin's comments about rape and pregnancy were toxic. When Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan reportedly called Akin, who is running for US Senate, to drop out of the race, you know you have issues. 

However, the train wreck that is Todd Akin is still digging in his heels, as this interview with GMA shows.

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This will only get worse before it gets better and you know that the Romney-Ryan ticket will very likely have to distance itself even more from Akin's hubris. But hey, when times get tough, blame the "liberal media," which is what Akin did last night on Twitter.

Right, because people like Romney, Ryan, and others are all part of the liberal media. Get a better excuse, Rep. Akin, and just do the right thing. Drop out.