What Went On in Mexico Today? Just Don’t Ask CNN

Aug 24, 2012
9:24 pm

We really are starting to think that mainstream media outlets are getting too anxious to be the "first to report" a breaking story. Take the case of CNN. This afternoon, CNN.com reported the following "this just in" story:

However, when you click on the FULL STORY link, you go to this story:

So, what is the deal? Now it's Mexican marines? What about the three US marines? Did they get shot by Mexican federales? Apparently not, although CNN.com still had the story up even after the AP and USA Today actually took a pause and reported a different account:

Update at 5:21 p.m. ET: At least four vehicles opened fire, the Mexican Navy says, though it hasn't clarified how many police or vehicles were involved. Here's how AP is describing what happened, based on what's being shared at the moment:

The shootings appeared to have been the result of a confused running gunbattle that broke out on a rural road in a mountainous area that has been used by common criminals, drug gangs and leftist rebels in the past.

The Navy said the embassy personnel were heading down a dirt road to a military installation when a carload of gunmen opened fire on them and chased them, along with a Navy officer accompanying them.

The Americans' vehicle tried to escape, but three other cars joined the original vehicle in pursuing them down the road. Occupants of all four vehicles opened fire, and the Navy captain called more help. Federal police officers and Mexican army troops then showed up on the road. The statement does not make clear whose bullets injured the US workers.

At this stage, who knows what went on and who knows why major media outlets are reporting conflicting information. Here we thought that journalism and reporting was all about being responsible, but it looks like in the digital age, this may not be the case. Our take? It is just weird to think that such a dramatic story would have been bungled. Maybe CNN didn't get the memo about what it needed to report. In the meantime, it is Friday night, the conspiracy theorists are online, and are now asking: 3 us marines shot in Mexico! Act of war! Invasion imminent?

You would think that CNN.com would want to get rid of the first story it reported? It's only been up there for seven hours now, which gives the patriots plenty of time to "prove" to others that Mexico is officially a hellhole and we just might as well invade it.

We are pretty sure real facts will start showing up soon, but don't tell that to CNN. Guess they never read what the US Embassy in Mexico shared later today:

U.S. Embassy Statement Regarding a Shooting Incident on August 24

Mexico City, August 24, 2012 – This morning two U.S. Government personnel and a Mexican Navy captain were in a U.S diplomatic vehicle driving to a training facility, when they were ambushed by a group of individuals.

The vehicle attempted to escape, was pursued and sustained heavy damage. They called for assistance from the Mexican armed forces, who responded. The two U.S. wounded personnel were taken from the scene, given medical treatment and are in stable condition. The Mexican Navy captain sustained no serious injuries. T

he Government of Mexico has acknowledged that members of the Federal Police were involved and fired on the U.S. Embassy vehicle. The Government of Mexico has begun an investigation and detained members of the Federal Police who were involved.

The Government of Mexico has stated it will conduct a full and thorough investigation of this incident. The Embassy has been cooperating closely with the Mexican authorities and will assist in every way possible.