In Case You Missed It: Complete Video of Univision’s “Gran Encuentro” with Mitt Romney

Sep 20, 2012
7:42 am

Yesterday Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared on the first of two "Gran Encuentros" being produced by Univision. In case you missed it, we have posted the two full videos of Romney's appearance with Jorge Ramos and María Elena Salinas (FYI: both videos "auto play," so make sure you pause one before playing the other). The Spanish-language network created these events in response to the Commission on Presidential Debate's moderator selections. As Ramos told NPR:  "What happened is the commission is stuck in the 1950s. And that has to change The commission decided that two men and two women were going to be the moderators for the debates, and I really thought it was incredible, truly incredible, that they didn't choose a Hispanic journalist to be part of the debates."

So instead of just complaining, Univision invited the two candidates to appear on its network and they both accepted. Granted, it would have been ideal to have them debate on television, but that wasn't going to happen on such short notice. Nonetheless, we want to congratulate Univision for making this happen. It was historic, no doubt.

Today at 2:10 ET, 1:10 CT and 11:10 PT, President Obama will be appearing live on Univision. You can catch the President's "Gran Encuentro" here.

Here is the English video of Romney's appearance.

Here is the Spanish version.