College Humor “Romney Style” Video Was Funny… Yet Leno Was Better (Wow)

Oct 2, 2012
9:58 pm

Now, don't get us wrong. The following Mitt Romney Gangnam Style parody from College Humor has its moments. The Paul Ryan character in yellow? Nice. The hair line. Yup. Hey, wealthy ladies? Yes. But was it us or did it need another last edit to get some of the more subtle touches of the original Gangnam, which, quite frankly, is so damn addictive and authentic, it has no rival. So College Humor, we give you a solid B/C+. To get an A on the Internet, it all needs to click. But check it for yourself, and see what you think. As for us, we went straight to what Jay Leno did (yes, Jay Leno) a few weeks ago and then revisited the original mega-viral-oopa-global hit right after because it is so honest and so fun. It is has no equal. Ever.

Here is the Leno clip. By the way, this is the first time we are saying that Leno did something funny.

But this was funny. And this YouTube clip has gotten over 1 million views.

And of course, the original makes us smile even more. By the way, as of tonight, the original has gotten over 350 million views. 350 million views.