Have You Seen ETHOS? Maybe You Should

Oct 14, 2012
11:53 am

This week we received a link to about ETHOS, a 2011 documentary movie directed by Pete McGrain and hosted by Woody Harrelson. The documentary explores several contradictions in our world, from politics to the baking system. Dedicated to the late Howard Zinn, the film presents one world view that tries to answer the following question: is the United States truly a democracy? If you want to read more ETHOS, AlterNet ran a review when the movie was released. We watched it and we thought that the section on corporate media was pretty much on target.

We were also struck by what McGrain has said about his movie:

“The romantic idea of revolution with riots in the streets and heroic deeds that our children will sing songs about in years to come is just that – a 'romantic myth' – it has never worked. The real revolution will be an evolution. No bloodshed, just common sense, people learning the facts and then acting accordingly. Not as romantic, but effective and sustainable.”

Here is the film, which runs about 52 minutes long.

ETHOS, Presented by WOODY HARRELSON from Pete McGrain on Vimeo.