We Have a New Commenting System: You Can Thank the Trolls for That

Oct 22, 2012
12:42 pm

Recently you might have noticed that we have eliminated our Disqus commenting system—which we have had on this site since we launched in 2011—and have gone to Livefyre (we still kept the Facebook commenting integration as well). As a result of this transition, we are still in the process of exporting all our Disqus comments (over 1,000+) back into our page. We have run into a few issues with the migration, but we are working to get those comments back on our page.

The reason we had to make this transition was based on the the fact that we kept getting one-two specific URLs continuing to comment with several Disqus profiles as well as not providing information about their real identity or profile. We know that many of our readers come to this page to disagree with us, and that is fine, but from now on we will no longer be allowing for incomplete or anonymous profiles to comment on our site. If you do want to comment, you can do it either through our Facebook tool or Livefyre, which requires real authentication.

We do this because we want to have an online community that can share varying points of view in an environment where everyone's identity is revealed. (FYI: Since we are a collective of people, we have assigned admins to monitor our site and we will respond as LatinoRebels sometimes, but individual Rebeldes could also comment on sites as well.) We will not tolerate comments that attack or spam our page in way that goes beyond just debate. It was a hard decision for us to do what we did because we are real believers in free expression and opinion, but when the comments continued to come in as different names with no profile pics and then began to explore the personal lives of our contributions, we thought the line was crossed.

As a private media company, we reserve the right to approve/moderate or delete any comment if we feel it crosses the line. That is for us to determine (physically threatening people, revealing personal information, etc.), and it is a pretty standard practice for similar pages. It is not our first choice, but if indeed it gets too personal, the commentator in question will be banned and no longer allowed to visit this site. It is unfortunate that a few spammer trolls will try to ruin our community's experience here. In the end, we still felt the right thing.


The Rebeldes