Step Away From the Smart Phones: Ann Coulter Tweets That President Is a “Retard”

Oct 23, 2012
12:50 am

To paraphrase Bill Maher, NEW RULE for celebrity commentators during debates: step away from the smart phone and stop using Twitter to tweet out public thoughts that we really doubt you would say on national TV or in public speech. Last week, there was this social media uproar about what Obama for America campaign co-chair rewteet. The rewteet created an uproar from conservative site like Twitchy, Breitbart, and Drudge.

Tonight, Ann Coulter took the Twitter to lower the political discourse and tweeted out that President Obama was a "retard."

The tweet was posted around 10:19 PM EST and by the time we published this post, it has gotten 1,931 retweets and it has been favorited 795 times. Unlike Longoria's 4.4 million Twitter follower, Coulter only has 260,595 followers, but it appears that her tweets get more retweets than Longoria's and just like Longoria, she is getting slammed by her fellow conservatives for tweeting her thoughts. Twitchy posted about Coulter's words around midnight tonight and said the following: 

Hot on the heels of her mean-spirited mockery of National Coming Out Day, Coulter used the word “retard” tonight to describe the President of the United States. It isn’t the first time Coulter has used that thoughtless, barrel-scraping insult…

This type of commentary just needs to stop, and even though we don't agree with much of what Twitchy reports, we do agree that outlets that monitor social media behavior and actions should be consistent and call out when high-profile personalities behave badly on Twitter. The desire to raise the political discourse now applies to social media, and we can all do better. Good thing this is the last debate because we were really going to make sure Twitter was down the next time all these profiles tweet their opinions.

Yes, that means you too, Sarah Silverman, even though you are a comedian and last time we checked "pussy skin" could be a compliment, but really? That is just gross.

As for Coulter, you are being controversial on social media for all the wrong reasons. That is sad. Especially since Coulter was called out for using the same term two weeks ago, as one outlet reports:

Her comment comes less than two weeks after Dan Niblock, the father of a young boy with Down syndrome, published an essay on the website of NBC’s Today taking Ms. Coulter to task for using the same term in another tweet.  It’s apparently a habit of Ms. Coulter’s.

“I want Ann Coulter to apologize for using a form of hate speech that is particularly searing to people who have special needs. This isn’t the first time she has tweeted the word “retarded” to insult her rivals, and she needs to stop. Her behavior is not acceptable,” Mr. Niblock wrote.

UPDATE, October 25: From the looks of it, Coulter will just keeping herself and exploiting division and ignorance. Yesterday, she tweeted the following: