Trump “Obama Bombshell” Vid Gets 11,700 Dislikes in Three Hours

Oct 24, 2012
3:16 pm

UPDATE, October 26: The YouTube video has gone crazy viral and now has over 29,000 dislikes and a bit more than 13,000 likes.

Maybe we should start promoting self-deportation after all. Donald Trump's much-publicized "Obama bombshell announcement" turned out to just be a YouTube video that someone filmed from Trump's office. As most rational media outlets are saying, this one is classic Trump: all hot air and no substance. We have already reported Trump to @DanielDPortado. Let's hope we can send him away.

Here is the video, which shows Trump telling President Obama that he will give 5 million dollars to any charity Obama chooses if the president releases his college applications and passport records. As of 3pm EST, the video has gotten over 11,700 dislikes in three hours and 5,780 likes. YouTube has spoken, Mr. Trump. Please go away. But first, how about this? You give us 100 bucks for saying #NoMames to you.