Why Twitter Sucks: Trump Obama Video Only Causes Ugliness and More Racism

Oct 24, 2012
5:13 pm

Well, here is today's example of lowering the political discourse. Proving once again that the American electorate is more into entertainment than discussing actual issues, it looks like self-promoter Donald Trump has not only trending globally on Twitter today, it has also sparked a new #ObamaFavoriteCharity global trend that takes this all a bit too far. But hey, this is the country we want to become, right? Raising the political discourse? Staying classy even when we want to criticize our leaders, yes?

This is why people need to step away from Twitter. Thank you, Donald Trump, for bringing out the ignorance today with your very disliked YouTube video that in the end is all about you and oh yeah, all the ignorant tweets that go beyond just criticizing the President. Now it is just getting ugly.

This all goes back to the video that Trump posted at noon today, which he promoted as a "bombshell" announcement. As of 5pm EST, the following video, where Trump says he would give President Obama 5 million dollars to any charity if  the president disclose his college and passport records, has gotten over 15,000 dislikes.

The video also has set off a flurry of anti-Obama tweets that speak for themselves. Yeah, this ain't racist at all. Sorry, our bad if we think it is. (PS, that was sarcasm.) 

And looks like Trump is full endorsing his the response so far, which according to him, has been "fantastic."

Yay, Donald! Yay for racism!