Coulter Defends Her Use of “Retard” as Another Synonym for “Loser”

Oct 27, 2012
10:31 am

Last night, Ann Coulter went on CNN and testily defended her use of the word "retard" in a tweet describing President Obama. Coulter has faced a slew of criticism from both sides of the aisle for what she tweeted during the last presidential debate:

Coulter's tweet and the reaction to it led to a very moving letter by the Special Olympics's global ambassador. Here is a video of what Coulter told CNN's Piers Morgan last night.

CNN's political blog also reported the following:

"The word retard is offensive, and that I should not be a symbol for someone who is dumb and shallow," [Morgan] said. "If they wanted to use me as a symbol, use me as a symbol for someone who fights adversity."

Coulter said "language police" were dictating what words should and should not be used, and denied the term was offensive at all. "It's offensive according to whom? Moron, idiot, cretin, imbecile, these were exactly like retard, once technical terms to describe people with mental disabilities," she said.

"Changing the word doesn't change the definition. I was not referring to someone with down syndrome. I was referring to the president of the United States."

In addition, those who are offended by the word have little ground, she suggested. "No disabled people are saying it, the spokesmen for the disabled," she said.

Pressed on whether the word bore a stigma similar to another offensive word – the n word – she said, "I wouldn't use the n word because it's a curse word."

It is clear that Ann Coulter doesn't get the point that Morgan was trying to make, and what most rational people think. In the meantime, we knew that Coulter would never have the grace to actually swallow her pride for like three seconds and apologize. She is letting this story be bigger than her, and we do think in the end, she will just continue to turn more people off and become irrelevant.