Birther Madness Continues: “Shocking” Fake Obama Birth Video Is Awful… and Sad

Oct 28, 2012
11:54 am

Birther madness continues. This time it is all about a Vimeo video that is the "shocking" proof that President Obama was born in Kenya. Are you f-ing kidding us? How many #NoMames chants can be added to the following?

The video was sent to Vice magazine and you can read the whole interview there of the guy who claims this video is real. Yeah, right.

Isn't it convenient how the video just happens to show the Ann Dunham's name twice? And the date? And really? That baby is flipping huge. Also, have you ever witnessed a live birth? Umm, placenta, anyone? Come on! And of course, leave it to the readers of Vice to school Vice about the video's fakeness. here are just two comments to basically disprove the whole thing, as if it needed to be disproven in the first place:

"super 8 film wasn't introduced until 1965, before that it was 8mm. the Kenyan flag shown in the video wasn't introduced until 1963… so next time make up a better story and get a better production designer… or at least do better research, this took all of 5 minutes for me to find" (FYI, that comment has gotten 612 likes so far)

"This is so fake it's ridiculous. That is not a new born child. He's holding his own head up, his eyes are open, he's got a look on his face like "Didn't I already do this once?". That's not Obama's mom. The doctor is holding the cord on to the kid's stomach and the nurse has about 6 inches of it in her after it is cut hand as opposed to the usual 24 inches or so. There's very little sign of any placenta on the child at all. Fake fake fake fake."

Who knows why the anonymous source put up the video, but can this just stop? (Sidenote to VICE: you know EXACTLY what you were doing when you ran this. Feed the bottom. Your piece gave the guy a voice, and now it is all over the Internet.) People can have issues with the President, but you really have to keep the birther thing going? To think these are the people who are voting for Mitt Romney. If Romney had any cojones, he would just end the birther madness forcefully and be classy about it. But when your votes are coming from the birther crowd, why say anything? Sad. Just sad.

Hey, at least the President by now is using humor on his end to combat the ignorance and disrespect.

(H/T Buzzfeed)