#NoMames: Three Political Videos We Can Do Without

Oct 30, 2012
10:00 am

With just a week left before Election Day, the online world is all into sharing new political videos, thinking that they will tip the outcome of the presidential election towards a specific candidate. Our advice? Step away from the video camera. Here are three videos we have seen this week that just make us say #NoMames.

Future Children Project

Sorry, this is just creepy. Hey, everyone, let's write a really cheesy song about the end of America and have cute kids sing in it! They can scare everyone with weird lyrics and they can also blame their parents for screwing everything up. Do people really think that videos like these when shared on the Internet will be celebrated instead of mocked? Did you see how many dislikes are on that video?

The Chinese Debt One

This video, produced in 2010, has been playing on cable TV the past two weeks. Talk about playing into fears. By the way, the children's choir video also talks about an America that will be working for China. Go xenophobia!

Requiem for Four American Patriots

This video came from some of our conservative friends. "Proof" that Benghazi is a conspiracy. First, of all the melodies you choose, you pick one from Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young? Ugh. Yes, the Benghazi tragedy is a tragedy (four Americans died, not a laughing matter) and yes, the Obama administration has questions to ask (read the latest from The Times), but it is not Watergate, as many are claiming (BTW, Condi Rice's comments that people should chill out mean anything?). Maybe Fox News should also listen to what Geraldo Rivera had to say about it. The following music video confirms that some people should stick to singing in their garage bands and not posting conspiracy songs to YouTube. If you want to criticize the Obama administration, use more credible arguments, like this opinion letter that was published today. But we know, this is all about whipping up outrage against the President. We get it. You really really want to defeat him. Just don't play crap songs. Thanks!