In Case You Missed It: Julio César Castillo Sings “El Rey” on THE VOICE and Slays It

Nov 8, 2012
8:47 pm

Earlier this week, Julio César Castillo went on NBC's The Voice and represented.

How cool was it? Check it out. Here is Castillo slaying it with the classic mariachi song, "El Rey."

As his official bio states:

A native of Chicago, Julio grew up performing traditional mariachi music, which he continues to do today, though he is hoping to make the transition to pop music. He started signing at age three, and learned to play the guitar at 10. Julio also plays the saxophone. His love for cars sparked his interest in becoming an auto mechanic, if music doesn't work out. Follow Julio on Twitter @JulioCCastle.

Hello, Central Casting? Now we're talking.

BTW, in case you can watch the official NBC video because you live outside the United States, try this one: