Romney’s Hispanic Outreach Chairman Blames Loss on Romney “Mistakes” and GOP’s “Far Right” Wing

Nov 11, 2012
12:29 pm

Let the Monday-morning quarterbacking begin.

Today on CNN's "State of the Union," Carlos Gutiérrez, a former secretary of commerce and the chairman of Mitt Romney's Hispanic outreach campaign, admitted that Romney "made some mistakes" in trying to appeal to U.S. Latino voters and also blamed the Republican Party's "far right" for taking over the GOP primary process.

Here is what Gutiérrez said: 

Mitt Romney made some mistakes. I think he is an extraordinary man, and I think he made an extraordinary candidate. I think Mitt Romney's comments are a symptom. I think the disease is the fact that the far right of the party controls the primary process.

Gutiérrez also added the following:

[U.S. Latino voters] were scared of the anti-immigration talk. They were scared of xenophobes. It's almost as if we're living in the past.

I would lay the blame squarely on the far-right wing of the Republican Party.

CNN also had evangelical Gary Bauer on the show, who felt that the Romney didn't do enough to appeal to conservatives: "I think it's due, at least in part, to folks in our party that seem intent on attacking the fact that we're the conservative party in the United States.There's no yearning by the American people for a second pro-abortion party. I mean, we've already got one of those."

Let the battle for the soul of the GOP begin.