“Pale Blue Light” Promises to Be “Hip-Hop’s Next Stop”

Nov 30, 2012
1:18 pm

We often speak and write about the dearth of Latino actors on television and in film. As Latino artists and activists, we know a complaint is the first step toward finding solutions. One of the most important actions we can take as a community is to become involved in producing our own content. Latino Rebels was borne of a desire to see more Latino writers represented on the Interweb.

We have effectively engaged in global conversations about who Latinos are and where our interests and alliances should lie. Since film and television are the art forms that reach the most people around the world — hence the importance of our participation. We support the creation of original content in order to address the lack and in so doing, we came upon Pale Blue Light, a show with great potential.

Pale Blue Light is a family drama set in New York City within the context of the Hip-Hop music industry. The show, created and written by Eddy Duran, focuses on the relationships, hopes, dreams and aspirations of a family as they deal with the day-to-day issues of running a Hip-Hop record label. The show reflects the ethnic and racial diversity of our great city, and makes of New York City as vibrant a character as its personages.

Here is episode 1. Talk about raw honesty and delving into issues and conflicts about staying true while you still have to survive.

The show features African-American and Latino actors with a great range of training and experience in the performance arena. Franky G began his film career with the critically-acclaimed Manito (2002), has been featured in many television shows and his most recent film role was in Gunhill Road (2011). Big Daddy Kane has made the transition from Hip-Hop artist to actor on the show as Officer Brick Nice.

The cast and crew is made of New Yorkers who know how to hustle to make their dreams come true. And now, the next step is to get some support to keep the cameras rolling. Please consider a contribution to the show on its Indiegogo campaign. Watch, donate, share and let’s take some action so we can represent!