Why Ann Coulter Doesn’t Care

Dec 11, 2012
8:09 am

Yes, the Latino digital space is burning with columns, analysis, and posts from both sides of the aisle about Ann Coulter's "Tipping Pointo" piece, which basically was full of so much ignorance and hate about US Latinos, that we can't even begin to address it.

And yes, Coulter doesn't care. Because as long as her media friends (like the following clips below will attest) worship her for speaking out, she will still find an audience. The key to fighting Coulter is to drown out her more amplified voice with our own new voices. Coulter wouldn't last five minutes engaging anyone who actually knows what they are talking about, but if Coulter can get her own media niche, then it is time for US Latinos to do the same. Don't wait for it. Go for it. We think that time is now, and we truly believe that in a year or two Coulter will feel the "Tipping Pointo" push her away from the limelight.

Because like we said, Ann Coulter doesn't care. To make Coulter irrelevant, you have to defeat her at her own game. Who's in? Because to be honest with you, she is one tough opponent.